Labour Cost Control

Labour cost control is arguably the most challenging task in managing a food and beverage operation. Difficult to both track and manage, labour costs, do not have to be a constant source of tension for your organization. Rising salaries, managing staffing requirements and ensuring staff is adequately trained, are just some of the issues surrounding labour costs. BridgeCore understands that each club, hotel and resort has a unique set of needs and, as such, delves into each project with a fresh set of eyes.

Benefits from labour cost control could include:

  • Matching staffing to actual needs
  • Improved sales
  • Ability to determine productivity in both fixed and variable payroll
  • Staff training
  • Identifying the minimum staff requirements
  • Identifying the fixed versus variable payroll requirements
  • Reviewing forecast assumptions to ensure they are consistent with prior years, competitive factor and other key prevailing market conditions
  • Establishing operational procedures
  • Succession planning

BridgeCore could use some of the following methods to determine these benefits:

  • BridgeCore Cost Analytics™ are used to identify inaccuracies with budgeting and forecasting methods, resulting in improper staffing
  • BridgeCore Cost Analytics™ are used to determine which salaries are most appropriate for the type of food and beverage business being operated
  • Staff competencies are evaluated
  • Training procedures are examined
  • Customer service proficiency is examined


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