Membership Solutions

BridgeCore offers golf club membership solutions to help clubs overcome major challenges facing the industry today. In recent memory golf courses could rely on prospective members to offer an injection of cash into the organization. Many courses had a waitlist of prospective members, eager to pay the initiation fee.  Times have changed, however, and so has the financial outlook of many golf courses.

BridgeCore works with clubs to understand what sets them apart. BridgeCore provides strategic initiatives, creative solutions and realistic recommendations that will enable clubs to connect with the community, younger generations and other demographics so that they can engage with a new membership. Our aim is to support club and food and beverage management in achieving their improved performance goals, in order to help foster a thriving and expanding membership.

Golf club membership solutions Include:

  • New Member Recruitment Initiatives
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Expanding Brand Identity

Membership Solutions


BridgeCore Inc. is a proud affiliate of the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada