Restaurant Expansion Strategy

It is critical for any food and beverage operation to review its requirements and needs periodically. Food and beverage or restaurant expansion strategy, could be associated with expansion through the addition of new facilities to the existing operation, rebuilding the existing facilities or even renovations of existing infrastructure. For example, in a private club environment, an increase in catering functions could reduce the availability of space and services to the members and an addition to the clubhouse is seen as the best choice moving forward.

BridgeCore helps its clients plan and facilitate for growth, keeping in mind, that the most important component of a successful hospitality business, is the satisfaction levels of its customers and members.

BridgeCore offers the following restaurant expansion strategy benefits:

  • Financial analysis and evaluation is done to deduce whether expansion or heavy capital investment is warranted
  • Assessment of needs from the point of view of the: customers, management and staff
  • Ensure plans adequately reflect the needs of the food and beverage operations
  • Incorporate F&B design & flow into the expansion
  • Ability to work directly with the architect and design personnel to ensure that critical food and beverage operation requirements are identified and met

Restaurant Expansion

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