Strategic Marketing Initiatives

BridgeCore helps: clubs, hotels and other businesses, expand its food and beverage operations and promote growth through strategic marketing initiatives.

BridgeCore can offer the strategic marketing initiatives to its clients:

  • Improved usage of club food and beverage facilities from surrounding residential developments
  • Improved exposure for weddings, business events and other catering events
  • Ability to retain BridgeCore to aid in the full implementation of the recommendations
  • Improve overall image of the food and beverage operation to promote a more vibrant image and attract new clientele
  • Improved ability to attract prospective members or guests

BridgeCore could use some of the following methods to facilitate these benefits:

  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing metrics
  • Surveys
  • Market analysis
  • Website planning
  • Social media enhancement


Strategic Marketing Initiatives


BridgeCore Inc. is a proud affiliate of the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada